Academic Work

Place in “Annihilation” as Empathy for the Living Planet

This was a final paper for my “Professional Seminar in English Studies”, which I took this past fall. The main goal of this paper is to describe the literary theory “Geocriticism”, and use it as a lens to focus on how Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer, challenges the way the reader looks at the natural environment.

Two Looks at “Her Story” and “Pry”

I wrote this paper as a midterm for a class called “Weird Books”, which I took in the fall of 2019. The class was focused on books, graphic novels, and video games that, through their (intentionally) weird physical and digital make-up, were able to speak to the reader outside of their own stories. This paper focuses on two of the games we played in the course – Her Story, and Pry – and discusses the different ways that both pieces blur the line between player and game.

Sister Site Codex

This past year, I took part in a Senior Honors’ Program at Rutgers Camden. I was put into a cohort with another student, and an advisor, and we spent the fall semester of 2020 researching our individual projects, and the spring of 2021 building our projects. This website is a culmination of that research – focusing on “Digital Folklore” as a genre of storytelling on the Internet, and how “Digital Folklore” continues and defies expectations of “Traditional Folklore”.